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5 Must-Have Gazebo Accessories: Upgrading Your Gazebo
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5 Must-Have Gazebo Accessories: Upgrading Your Gazebo

Picture this: you just purchased and assembled your Shade N' Shelters hardtop gazebo, everything looks great - but now you want to upgrade your gazebo from great to amazing. We'll show you how to do that with our must-have gazebo accessories. 

#1: Mosquito Netting
Gazebos are perfect for gathering or hanging out under, but how can you do that if you're being attacked by bugs? Our mosquito netting is here to keep the pesty bugs out so you can enjoy your outdoor gazebo at any hour. 

#2: Privacy Curtains
Do you have nosey neighbors or just want to block out the outside world? Our gazebo privacy curtains not only provide privacy, but they also serve as wind and rain blockers so you can continue to use your gazebo during summer storms.

#3: Lighting / Fans / Flowers
Now it's time to give your gazebo the warm cozy home feeling. Our hardtop gazebos include an accessory hook to allow you to hang your favorite flowers, ceiling fans, or outdoor light. We also recommend string lights for added ambiance on a warm summer night. 

#4: Gazebo Covers
Hardtop gazebos are an investment. Time to protect and maintain your investment with gazebo covers. Not only do they provide protection when you're not using your gazebo, but they also serve as a storage garage for patio furniture throughout the winter months.

#5: Winter Support Rods
If you live in a warm climate - luckily you don't need to worry about this. If you live in snowy climates, we recommend giving your gazebo a little extra support throughout the winter. Winter support poles will help assure your hardtop gazebo stays safe and will be ready to use in the upcoming spring.

Want to know 5 perks of having a hardtop gazebo? Check them out here. 

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